About Us



The concept of Lash Stash started a couple of years ago when I had a bad experience with lash extensions

I ended up losing all of my natural lashes and turned to false lashes while mine were growing back. I was on holiday at the time so I really wanted a case to put them in to keep them in good condition. I couldn't find anything in the shops and online I found very limited options and nothing special enough that I would want to pop in my bag for a night out

Lash Stash was born on that holiday and now, nearly three years later, we are so happy to share it with you


We are a British business which is focused solely on providing high quality products that are affordable for everyone

Look around you, everything you could need to look good is at the tip of your fingers - everyone has 'stuff' to sell, but they also want you to pay over the odds for it - the fact is, quality and branding is what you really pay for! Add an established brand to a product and it can double in price....
We don't think that's right, and so we created a range of beauty essentials that are the same high quality as you would expect from the more expensive brands, but with the right price.
We want everyone to enjoy the best products, so go ahead, treat yourself!


Priding ourselves on laser-focused attention to detail, we aim to give the best possible customer service and to listen to what you, as the customer, wants. We source the finest materials from companies who care about being kind to animals and protecting our environment and we have tried to use as little plastic as possible in the packaging of our products

We are always looking for ways to improve and would welcome all feedback, so if you have an idea that you'd like to share with us please click here


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