Lash Guide

Step by Step Guide to Applying Lashes


Step 1: Gently remove your lashes from the tray using a pair of fine point tweezers - start at the outer corner of your lashes and slowly pull the band away from the tray. Try not to crimp your lashes with the tweezers


Step 2: Stretch the lash band by rolling each end gently into a curve similar to your eye shape - this will soften the lashes into your specific eye shape. Once your band is loosened you are ready to measure your desired length


Step 3: Measure the lashes by laying them along your lash line. On a flat surface, using sharp scissors, trim the excess band from the outer corner of the eye end of the lash


Step 4: Curl your natural lashes to compliment the curvature of your strip lash. Apply a coat of mascara to your own lashes. This will help your natural lashes to blend with your Lash Stash lashes


Step 5: Apply a thin layer of glue directly onto the cotton band of your lashes. Let the glue air dry (for as long as it says on the label) This will create a tacky consistency to make applying them easier


Step 6: Looking down at a mirror, use your tweezers (or your fingers if you prefer) to gently place the lash band as close to the lash line as possible. Start at the centre of the eye, moving outwards to the corners of your eye. Allow drying time


Step 7: Finally, brush your natural lashes into your new lashes to further blend the hairs and apply mascara if required